PILATES is a RESTORATIVE exercise program naturally SAFE and EFFECTIVE for all bodies

training us to protect our movements; strengthening core muscles that support our spine.

Whatever your fitness level and goals, there is a Pilates exercise for you; strong/weak and healthy/injured muscles or joints, problems with posture, neural complications, pregnancy and the elderly have all benefitted from Pilates with Sarah.

Sarah Wallace, owner of Rouge Hill Pilates, has a unique teaching style that has brought results to hundreds of happy clients. Able to choose exercises and movements that will re-train and re-program your muscles to work for you not against you, Sarah provides a mind-body workout that will feel different.

Teaching Pilates for 17 years in fitness centers, gyms, physiotherapy clinics, private homes as well as growing up as a competitive athlete, Sarah has the education, experience and success in sport, fitness and rehabilitation to get  results for many conditions and abilities.