whether reformer, mat, rehab, yoga, or low pressure fitness (hypopressives)

all private classes focus on your specific needs and progress

so you can be sure all your movements are safe and supportive


1 class ... $110

(initial assessments are mandatory*)   

package of 5 privates… $450…$90/ea

package of 10 privates…$800…$80/ea

all classes are one hour unless more time is needed.

all classes are secured for you unless 48 hours notice is given.

*includes important functional movement assessments, as well as postural strength and weakness.

Please contact Sarah to book

The studio is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 3pm


ROUGE  HILL PILATES   is your neighborhood Pilates studio!

A bright, renovated space in small, focused classes, Rouge Hill Pilates is unique.

Quality instruction in a convenient location sets the studio apart…

You don’t have to drive downtown for quality classes anymore!

  Everything you need is provided: mats, blocks, stability balls, resistance bands, hand weights, foam rollers, fitness circles and filtered water and bathroom/changeroom.

A STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Reformer is available for any rehab or athletic conditioning needed...Sarah works seamlessly as a physiotherapist assistant to guide you through exercises given by chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors etc…all the ingredients for a quality rehabilitation.

Payments are accepted before class by cash or  Etransfers.

Mat Class

A private mat class gives you the advantage of attention to your own needs and your particular posture. We review your functional movements ( sitting, standing, lying down) and how important understanding neutral is…this guarantees exercising the right muscles.

Starting with a custom postural assessment, Sarah uses her experience in rehabilitation to immediately design the session to address your needs...offering strength and balance where you need it.

Correct form with effective repetitions in needed areas will show a difference after one class. All of us have developed habits for different reasons; making sustainable changes to our movement patterns are guaranteed in one on one sessions.  

Sessions are booked at your convenience between 9am and 3pm Tues, Wed, Thurs 



The reformer reforms your body

Customized workouts target needed strengths, define weaknesses holding you back… we choose exercises that strengthen your stabilizing muscles and build support for the weak or injured area. Sarah works as a physiotherapist support personel and knows how to find the right exercise for the right muscle groups. The Rehabilitation Reformer accommodates all strength levels and movement restrictions to access the spine, joints and limbs safely.

Correct movement is the best medicine for injury.

What is a reformer?  Joseph Pilates designed a structure for veterans with limited mobility that would comfortable and practically strengthen their core...this resistance machine supports your body in a correct posture. It is hard to make a mistake on a reformer! The horizontal movement of each exercise lets you move safely without strain from gravity. Improvements are noticed very quickly. You move against the resistance of springs using specific repetitions to target core, hips, back, arms and leg muscles.

Please contact me to schedule your appointment


Special Populations:

Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Pregnancy, Injury Rehabilitation, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis

Sarah is a certified Rehabilitation Specialist.

A trained physiotherapist assistant and certified in Rehabilitation Pilates, Sarah is experienced  with a range of weakness and injuries as well as the modifications needed to any exercise.

Sarah can choose safe and strengthening movements for every condition. Pain is not an excuse to do nothing, it is a signal to pay attention. Clients appreciate Sarah's patience and determination to care for their specific needs…she encourages communication with the clients' doctors and therapists.

Pre-natal ladies can start working at the beginning of pregnancy in anticipation of the load of the baby with specific pelvic floor exercises and upper body preparation for breast feeding and carrying.

Post-partum focus is with the muscles that have been stretched, atrophied or damaged after the baby arrives. Diastasis Recti is not a problem and can be rehabilitated if done correctly. Breathing exercises are an essential part of your rehabilitation.

Babies are welcome to attend with you.

Clients can leave with instructions to continue at home with any exercises we have found efficient.

Follow-up conversations are encouraged.

Pilates in the Chair, Pilates for Hips, Pilates when Standing/Walking, Pilates for Low Back, Pelvic Floor Pilates, Pilates for Older Clients, Pilates for Fibromyalgia, Pilates for MS, Pilates for Parkinsons…

there is a Pilates for everyone

you just need to find the right Pilates Instructor!




Low Pressure fitness is the safest way to train your core... 

The most common mistakes people make training the core is

  • targeting superficial muscle groups/ overloading the core muscles

  • repeatedly training in suboptimal postures.

Low Pressure Fitness fixes both: using an apnea breath means overloading is impossible: it is the lowest possible strain on the tissue, apnea breaths depend on anatomical connections for targets and postures that define fascial tension are key to safety.

Our core is a synergistically functioning unit comprised of front back side with a top and bottom.… your abdominal and pelvic diaphragm, your back, your abdominals and your sides must work together.

Learn how apnea breathing can stretch and tone your pelvic floor, your back, your neck, your hamstrings and diaphragm muscles.

Improve your posture by toning your postural muscles…

The postures we use during our apnea breaths are shown below.

This class is excellent for rehab and conditions requiring a more gentle but effective program

...no experience needed!


Low Pressure.jpg



photography by sarah wallace

photography by sarah wallace

A compliment to the familiar Yang Yoga… Yin Yoga focuses on slower, relaxed asanas

Relieve our body and mind...spread out freely...balance your nervous system with the advantages of surrender that focus on the breath gives us...this is the female in all of us.

This practice uses poses that do not engage muscles so it is not a strengthening class, it is a restorative, relaxing class…we rest in one comfortable position for longer periods of time...giving our body time to release deeper connective tissues that are specifically hidden deeper to stay protected from regular activity.

...practice mindfulness meditation and Pranayama breathing techniques.

Reiki is a traditional healing method.

Gentle healing from the practitioner’s lifted hands create flow and communication in the body. Clients feel relief from emotional and physical blocks including insomnia, stress, pain and trauma.

space in the mind… space in the physical body … space in the mind


gift cert.jpg

Give the gift of health

any amount...any class